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Volunteering at NOFA/Mass

There are several ways to volunteer with NOFA/Mass. We welcome short or long term volunteers, interns, work study students, etc.

Since NOFA/Mass started, many hundreds of volunteers have reached out to us to offer their time, skills and resources. Your gift of service, whether you have a lot of time or a little, is valuable and makes a difference.

Here is a short list of possibilities

  • serve on one of our standing board committees
  • development, personnel, board development, education, finance, strategic planning
  • attend outreach events on NOFA’s behalf and/or be a conduit to get NOFA literature into appropriate local outlets like college campuses, food coops, libraries, etc. 
  • serve on event committees such as the winter and summer conferences or provide specific short term help around the time of the conferences
  • work as a focused work study volunteer - in the past we have had PR assistance for conferences, help with designing databases for the the bulk order, doing research on a specific topic like urban chickens, carbon research, etc. 
  • volunteer to make phone calls when we are recruiting past attendees to the summer or winter conferences
  • providing specific skills such as lawyering, logo design, communications advice
  • serve as a member of the NOFA/Mass board of directors
  • offer a workshop at your farm or garden or at a NOFA conference

If you’re interested in volunteering, interning or doing a work study position with us through your university, please get in touch with our Executive Director Julie Rawson by email at or phone at 978-355-2853.

Remember, NOFA was started by volunteers like yourself; it's what builds community!

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