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NOFA/Mass is committed to supporting the next generation of committed organic farmers in Massachusetts. Attendance at the NOFA Summer Conference, the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference, the monthly webinars, and the myriad on farm and on site educational events each year can provide a thorough educational experience along with the monthly newsletter and The Natural Farmer (members only). If you are not already a member, you will find this modest investment in your education and the organization’s solvency to be an economically wise decision on your part.

Do you buy cover crop seed, fertilizers, mineral amendments, compost, potting soil, potato and allium seed? Would you like to save money on those items? If so, the bulk order might be perfect for you. Prior to the spring growing season, NOFA/Mass organizes a bulk order with popular suppliers, for distribution at sites around MA/CT/RI. Take advantage of significant savings through group purchasing power and collective shipping, while helping NOFA support organic practices throughout the region. The order is open to both members and non-members & no order is too small or minimum order required! Items available: fertilizers, mineral amendments, pest control, feed-grade supplements, useful tools for the farm/garden, compost, potting soil, cover crop seed, potato and allium seed.

Food Access For All

We believe that organic growing can take place everywhere and assist all populations in accessing healthy food. Our Food Access program strives to assist communities of color struggling with structural racism; health disparities, few or poorly functioning supermarkets, and poverty. Together we work to grow healthy food through organic growing education, support for community gardens and partnering with local organizations to use urban gardening to increase food access.

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This project supports the development of a learning community of northeast organic farmers who are integrating reduced and no-till methods currently on their farms, maps out what they are already doing and how it is working, defines what it currently means to be reduced/no-till in the northeast right now, and encourages further innovation, development, and education around these techniques to the wider farming community. The ultimate focus and goal of our investigation is to refine and educate about organic tillage reduction methods.

Organic Certification Paperwork

Baystate Organic Certifiers is a USDA National Organic Program accredited certifying agent that certifies farm operations in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic United States, and processing operations in the Continental United States.

Organic Land Care Program

Twelve years ago, a group of landscape professionals, scientists, educators and concerned citizens formed the NOFA Organic Land Care Committee to extend the vision and principles of organic agriculture to the care of landscapes. The Committee drafted the first organic land care standards in the United States and offered the first organic land care accreditation course. Today, NOFA's Standards for Land Care: Practices for Design and Maintenance of Ecological Landscapes is revised annually by NOFA's Organic Land Care Committee, and forms the basis of the curriculum for NOFA's 5-day Course in Organic Land Care.

NOFA/Mass's Policy Program

NOFA/Mass advocates for sustainable agricultural policies that strengthen the resilience of our local communities. While primarily an educational organization, our policy team works on issues as diverse as organic standards, food system transparency, and regulations that support sustainable farms.

Raw Milk

Buying fresh, unpasteurized milk from a local farm is good for your family's health, good for the farm and good for the environment. NOFA/Mass is working to make safe, healthy raw milk easily available in Massachusetts.

soil carbon testing

Healthy soils are living soils, and soil life uses, builds, and stores carbon. Therefore, the greater the health of a soil, the more carbon it will hold.

The Soil Carbon Proxy Tests measure the level of biodiversity and other aspects of soil health that are attributable to building soil carbon. These tests will help you get an idea of how well your soils are supporting life and storing carbon.

farming restoration

Learn what farming methods will return carbon to the soil -- and keep it there -- for healthier crops, more resilient farms, and less extreme weather. We have developed accessible and well-crafted resources that make plain the potential of this hopeful approach in addressing climate change, including a video, white paper, resource list, action steps, and more.

Soil Technical Assistance Program

NOFA/Mass is developing a service to provide farmers, homesteaders, gardeners, and land managers across the state with soil technical assistance. We hope to offer soil test recommendations at an affordable rate in a timely manner to to help those working to address soil balancing.

Our suggestions will be based on the Albrecht principles for soil cation balancing and addressing trace element deficiencies. We will offer holistic management recommendations to help reduce barriers to building soil health across the state. NOFA/Mass also is offering a set of soil carbon proxy tests through our Soil Carbon Program if you are interested in getting a series of these test performed on your land.

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