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Non-GMO Animal Feed Resource Guide

Introduction: GMOs in Animal Feed

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental hazards and health risks for humans and animals presented by the use of genetically modified plants for animal feed. In the United States, genetically modified crops have been used for animal feed since 1996 when they were first introduced.[1] The top six genetically modified crops (soy, cotton, corn, canola, sugar beet, and alfalfa) continue to be widely used for animal feeds worldwide, and especially in the U.S.[2]

Growth of Market for Non-GMO and Organic Animal Feeds

Increased consumer demand for non-GMO and organic animal feeds is based on health hazards, environmental concerns, and economic concerns.[3] Unexpected mutations that increase toxicity of GM plants (increase allergic reactions), cross-pollination to wild plants and increasing pesticide use, and consolidation of corporate control over seed markets are all consumer concerns,[4] and have led to anti-GMO grassroots movements.

While much of the anti-GMO conversation has focused on human nutrition, the case of GMO use in animal feeds presents a slightly different issue. First, human consumption of animal products is one step removed from consumption of the genetically modified grain in question, leading to difficulties in study design for quantitative human nutrition research on the effects of genetically modified crops in animal feeds on humans. Second, animal nutrition and animal welfare advocates are more concerned with this issue. Some organic feed suppliers therefore focus on pet feeds rather than livestock feeds, despite growing demand for non-GMO feeds for meat, egg, and dairy production.[5] Non-GMO verification by third parties is a complicated process for small farmers, but an increasingly useful tool as consumers become more aware of health risks and environmental dangers associated with GMOs.

Despite these challenges, the nascent market for non-GMO animal feeds is already responding to consumer demand and offering a wide variety of non-GMO and organic feeds for poultry, turkeys, swine, cattle, dairy sows, goats, sheep, household pets, (and even reindeer, llamas, and elk!). Here is our list of suppliers close to home (in the northeast region), and other suppliers with national distribution. The USDA also has a searchable database here:

Regional (Northeast) Producers/Manufacturers

SunOpta Ingredients Group
100 Apollo Dr. Chelmsford, MA 01824
Phone: 800-353-6782; Fax: 781-276-5125;
Products: Dietary fiber: oat, pea, organic soy, barley, and stabilized brans

Cold Springs Farm
379 Slate Hill Rd.Sharon Springs, NY 13459
Phone: 518-234-8320; Fax: 518-234-8320
Contact: Sumner Watson or Brigid Watson
Certified Organic Bagged Feeds: Layer Mash, Chick Starter, Chicken Grower, Turkey Starter, Turkey Grower, Cow Feed, Dairy/Calf Feed, Hog Feed, Sheep Feed, Dairy Goat Feed, Scratch Feed, Cracked or Whole Corn, Horse Feeds (custom blends only, mixed to customer specifications)
Resold in MA at North Plain Farm, LLC, Great Barrington, MA (413) 429-6598

Lackawanna Products
8545 Main St. / Box 660 Clarence, NY 14031
Phone: 716-633-1940, ext. 362; Fax: 716-633-1490
Contact: Jean M. Penfold:
Products: Full range of grains, organic corn, popcorn, identity preserved and organic soybeans, processed canola products
Notes: Deals to farms in railcar quantities.

Lakeview Organic Grain, LLC
P.O. Box 361 / 119 Hamilton Pl. Penn Yan, NY 14527
Phone: 315-531-1038; Fax: 315-531-1038;
Products: Organic feed grain, animal feed, organic seed. Feeds available: chicken layer, chicken broiler, chick starter, hog, sheep/goat, dairy and calf feed.

F.W. Cobs Company Inc.
P.O. Box 30 St. Albans Bay, VT 05481
Phone: 888-531-4888; Fax: 866-738-9883;
Products: Organic and non-GMO feed products, including alfalfa pellets, barley, corn, canola meal, durum, flax, lentils, oats, rye, soybeans, soybean meal, wheat. Notes: Wholesale to feed mills in railcar quantities.

Green Mountain Feeds
65 Main St, Bethel VT 05032
Phone: 802-234-6278
Non-GMO: These products are manufactured with a combination of Non-GMO conventional feed grains, and Certified Organic (Also Non-GMO) feed grains. We use Envirologix Quick Scan system, to ensure that our incoming grains are Non-GMO: Non-GMO Pig Mash, Layer Pellets, Layer Mash, Dairy Pellets, Broiler Crumbles, Pig Grower Pellets. Organic feeds available for equine, swine, dairy cattle, sheep and goats, and poultry.

Lightning Tree Farm
132 Andrew Haight Rd, Millbrook NY 12545
Phone: 845-677-9507 
Bagged certified organic feed: chicken layer, chicken broiler, chick starter, hog, sheep/goat, dairy and calf feed. Notes: Call to order, few other delivery points but no online orders or wholesale distribution.

New Country Organics
801 2nd St, Wayneboro VA 22980
Phone: 540-469-0694
Certified Organic Feeds and Grains - Soy-Free: Calf & Cattle, Chicken, Goat, Horse, Llama & Alpaca, Rabbit Pellets, Sheep, Swine, Turkey

National Distribution    
Reedy Fork Farm 336-449-4888
Thayer Feed 620-839-5256
Scratch and Peck 360-318-7585
Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill 512-285-2556
Texas Natural Feeds 254-829-1317
Earth Pets Organic Feed and Garden 352-377-1100
Hiland Naturals 330-377-4016
Nature's Best Organic Feed 570-374-8148
Buxton Feed Company 503-707-1809
Montana Specialty Mills 801-476-0277
Hostetler's Feed and Farm Supply 417-345-7935
Vlieger Farm Supply Inc. 712-567-4151  
Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. 800-748-0595
James Frantzen Farm Services 641-257-8122  
McGeary Organics 800-624-3279

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