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NOFA/Massachusetts Membership

Members are the heart of NOFA/Mass. Through annual dues and special donations, you can help fund our important work to make agricultural education and advocacy for the organic movement accessible to everyone.  You can even give the gift of membership to a friend or a family in need. 

Your membership commitment allows us to better serve Massachusetts through food and farming.  Thank you! 

NOFA/Mass members enjoy these perks

Membership Rates

  • Low Income* - $25
  • Individual* - $40
  • Family/Small Farm/Organization** - $50
  • Large Farm/Business**+ - $75
  • Premier Business***+ - $125
  • Supporting** - $250
  • Lifetime** - $1000
  • Sustaining** - make a monthly donation of $5 of more and receive an ongoing Family/Small Farm/Organization Membership

(* includes one member discount for NOFA events ** includes two member discounts *** includes three member discounts + includes listing on our website)

There are several ways to join NOFA/Mass or renew your membership

Join via Donor Box.

Become a Sustaining Member by donating monthly. Commit to a recurring donation of $5 or more each month and automatically receive an ongoing Family/Small Farm membership with NOFA/Mass!  Never worry about your yearly membership dues again. visit our donation page and check the box to "Make this contribution monthly" option to sign up.

Fill out our Membership Form and send the completed form with payment to the specified address. 

Give the Gift of Membership: Give a friend a year long membership to NOFA/Mass. They will receive a subscription to our quarterly newspaper The Natural Farmer, discounts to our educational events, free postings to our classified ads and more! A gift that gives skills, community, knowledge. 

Complete a membership payment via one of the options above and send an email to with your gift recipient's membership details.  We will send a welcome packet to the new member acknowleding your generosity and their new membership benefits.

NOFA/Mass welcomes to its ranks anyone who eats, anyone who grows food - large or small, urban or rural, and anyone who tends the landscape or lives the activist lifestyle.  As a member-based organization, we rely on your support to continue our work to educate and advocate for organic food and farming.

For questions about NOFA/Mass membership, please contact the office at (978) 355-2853 or email

NOFA Massachusetts is designated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as tax-exempt as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and, as such, contributions to NOFA/Mass above regular membership dues are tax-deductible.


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