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Welcome Doug Cook, New NOFA/Mass Education Events Coordinator

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 January Issue Newsletter

By Caro Roszell, Education Director

Doug Cook, NOFA/Mass Education Events Coordinator

Please join NOFA/Mass in welcoming Doug Cook to the staff as the new Education Events Coordinator.

Doug brings ample and diverse experience and knowledge to this position, having worked previously as an experiential educator, program manager, farmer/gardener and permaculture designer.

For several years, Doug served as the Education Director for Land’s Sake Farm where he grew the educational offerings of the non-profit farm, increasing community participation and providing a varied array of on-farm learning for all ages.

After his time at Land’s Sake, Doug and his wife Sara spent a year and a half working for a start-up non-profit developing a permaculture farm and constructing a veterinary clinic in Nicaragua.  While there he helped to design and build infrastructure that will holistically improve local animal health, human health, and environmental resiliency for the community.

In addition to all this experience, it has been exciting to work with Doug so far on a plan for Education Events in 2019 because he is such a deeply curious person. He has a strong understanding of the interconnected issues of soil health, human health, ecosystem health and the future of life on earth.  He is committed to the mutual learning process that will enable human beings to work more closely with nature to farm better, harm less, and be healthier.

In addition to planning and organizing our Education Events, Doug is a stay at home dad with a two-year-old son. He and his spouse, a large animal veterinarian, live in Northeast Massachusetts.

Check in occasionally at to see what Doug is planning for February, March and April—there will be season extension, soil science, beekeeping and more!


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