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Where Might You See NOFA This Month?

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 March Issue Newsletter

By Marty Dagoberto, Outreach Coordinator

Marty Tabling at the Summer Conference

As a statewide network of farmers, gardeners, growers, landscapers, homesteaders and food activists, NOFA/Mass is invited to attend food and agriculture-related events and conferences all across the state. This is one big way that we spread the good organic word and build the movement for healthy food coming from living soil. Where will I be next? Take a look at my current itinerary, and consider joining me for one or more event as a volunteer or attendee. We're always happy to have volunteers to help grow the movement.

March begins with the annual Local Environmental Action Conference hosted by the Toxics Action Center, March 3 at Northeastern University in Boston. With a strong focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation through building healthy soils, NOFA will continue to build ties to the broader climate movement. This is a great place to connect with environmentalist groups across the region.

March 16 and 17 is the 6th annual Massachusetts Urban Farming Conference, again at Northeastern. This is a must-attend event for anyone passionate about food justice and urban agriculture. NOFA/Mass is looking for ways to leverage its network of experienced growers and our annual conferences to help bring about a food system that works for everyone.

March 27 is the annual “Ag Day” at the Massachusetts State House. For State House staff, this is one of the most popular days: free samples of foods representing agriculture and fishing across the state. Oysters anyone? How about some cider donuts? Advocacy groups will help legislators understand what issues are important to us. NOFA/Mass will be pushing for passage of the Pollinator Protection Act, the Healthy Soils bill, and provisions for raw milk delivery, among other things.

March 31 is the annual Gardeners’ Gathering, hosted by the Trustees of Reservations, again at Northeastern in Boston. Hundreds of gardeners will converge to share skills and passions, certainly a great place for NOFA to be! We are especially looking for volunteers for this one, so please let us know if you’d like to help represent NOFA.

These are all great events worth considering. You can find links to them all (and more) on our outreach page. If you do attend any of them, please stop by our table, have a chat and pick up some interesting reading material. We thrive on personal exchange, ideas and connections.

Please get in touch if you’d like to volunteer to represent NOFA/Mass at these or at future events (email and please let us know if there are any other places we should try to be this year. Our movement is only as strong as the connections between us, so we appreciate your help in building those connections.


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